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PCPartPicker is an online platform to pick parts and build a PC with the selection and compare prices of those components. PCPartPicker provides you with complete selection, up-to-date pricing from the most popular retailers and compatibility of those parts.

The website also has pre-built PC Builds which you can also see and compare for yourself if you like them or not. The website also has a price range feature where you can set a minimum and maximum price range and it will show you all the pre-builts in that price range. While you’re building your virtual PC, you will notice that for each hardware part the website shows you useful graphs that will let you determine how well will the part perform against its price tag. It is an excellent way by which the users will be able to get the best for their money without even actually buying the hardware components.

The website also has a dedicated benchmark section where the performances of different CPU builds can be checked along with their prices. This will give you a rough estimate of how your PC will perform compared to the other builds of the same or higher price. If someone is new to building PCs then it also has a dedicated forum section which has experts who will help to pick the best hardware for your new PC build.